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Courtney's Corner
Tuesday, 30 September 2008
Change is good...right?
Mood:  sad

Well...I guess it is time for another change.  I like pictures!  Evidently I like them so much that Angelfire thinks I should have to pay for extra space to use...BOO!!!  SOOO....I have switched to blogger!  Please change your bookmarks (since I know everyone has it bookmarked b/c it is soo interesting haha) to , there is a new blog waiting.  I will miss my fun zebra, but I will find a way to incorporate it into my new blog!!  It will take a while to get it like I want it I am sure!  Thanks for following my ramblings!

Oh and I had to include my Official Texas Tech photo! haha!!  Thought everyone needed to see "professional" Courtney 

Love ya'll - Courtney  



Posted by courtneyconner at 10:08 PM CDT
Updated: Tuesday, 30 September 2008 10:25 PM CDT
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Monday, 15 September 2008
Rainfall of the Century - The 100 year Flood!
Mood:  surprised

The past few days in the LBK have been quite eventful!!  Thursday was Brooke's first Volleyball game to Coach and she had quite the fan club!  Brian, Kambree, Amy, Abbye, and I all fought the water to support our favorite coach!  It was lots of fun to watch those 8th graders...I am pretty sure we thought we were too cool for school back in those days! (Then again we were pretty darn awesome! haha!)  Not only was Thursday Brooke's first game, it was also a State of Disaster in Lubbock.  It was the single biggest day of rain in Lubbock history receiving 7.8 inches of rain in 1 day. WOW!  Little Ruby (my car) and I were quite worried trucking it through town...though Ruby lost her identity (license plate ripped off from floods) we survived the floods!  I am putting a little 8-second video of Brooke's first Vball game so everyone could experience it since I know you were all there in spirit!! In case you were wondering She WON!!!
















Amy and Abbye were a bit soaked when they got to the game!  Abbye was happy until we tried to dry her off!  That mad her MAD!!

Lubbock Lake?  Nope just rain!!















Kam thought she needed to borrow my boots b/c of the flood! 















 I have taught Kam that Red is BEST!!  Friday I turned her into a true Red Raider and bought her a Tech shirt.  She informed me that "she had been wanting one forever"! haha!  She was too cute! 



Posted by courtneyconner at 9:02 PM CDT
Updated: Monday, 15 September 2008 10:55 PM CDT
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Thursday, 11 September 2008

This morning I woke up much earlier than normal thinking about the families and friends who every year on this day have a horrible memory of a loved one leaving them.  I grew very sad for those people and for the families who have lost loved ones in the war that has resulted from this.  I highly respect those who have fought for our country and suffer daily from things that happened over there!  I am VERY thankful for them!  Today I fly my flag in honor of those Heroes!  As I was backing out of my driveway this morning to head to work my emotions took over me!  The sight of my flag whipping in the wind just brought great pride!  So I had to take a picture to share with ya'll!


 On another not so serious note...I have a funny story from last night!  As I was sitting in my comfy chair Angel jumps up and dashes to the front door barking.  I got up and looked out the window and saw nothing/nobody was out there!  So I opened the door to let angel see there was nothing out there.  When I did there was "Prince" staring at my door!  I had to go out the garage so I could get a picture of it!  Too funny!!


Had to put another picture of the pillow!!!

I just realized that Angel has not made an appearance on my blog, what a horrible mother I am!  Here she is cuddled with her teddy and smiling!!

Posted by courtneyconner at 12:27 PM CDT
Updated: Thursday, 11 September 2008 12:48 PM CDT
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Monday, 8 September 2008
Birthday Extravaganza's!!!!!
Mood:  celebratory

What a great fun birthday I have had!!  My actual birthday was wonderful, I had so many emails, texts, and phone calls it was amazing!!  I kept Kambree that day and she wanted to make a birthday cake so we did, and boy was that fun!  Brooke and Brian came over to share in the partying!!


Friday afternoon before I headed to Lovington my buddy Melinda brought me a cake for my birthday...we make each other a cake for our birthday's every year!!  So I took it with me to Lovington!  When I got to Lovington mom had a cake there for me too!  Woohoo!! 3 birthday cakes!!

This pic was taken Saturday afternoon after I had been helping dad outside all day!! Ewww!!

 I know that everyone was so sad that they missed the party so here are all the pictures from my birthday!!  Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!!!  I had one of the best birthday's ever!!

Mom had roses in my room when I got there!  So sweet!  They are my favorite roses too!!!

And last but not new Uggs!

Posted by courtneyconner at 2:38 PM CDT
Updated: Monday, 8 September 2008 4:06 PM CDT
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Wednesday, 3 September 2008
My Birthday Month Begins!!!
Mood:  flirty

This weekend was a GREAT way to start my birthday month!!  Yes I make every attempt possible to celebrate my birthday (Sept. 4) for the WHOLE month of September, and a long weekend right before was a great way to start it!

This weekend I had some awesome fun friends come stay with me for the long weekend and we had a BLAST!!!!  We hit up the lake every chance we got!  I am SO not ready for the summer to be over!  But I will enjoy ever last chance I get!!  I am attaching some awesome pics to map out the weekend!!! 

(I will add some adorable pictures of Kambree's first day of school and a wedding another day)
















Posted by courtneyconner at 9:08 PM CDT
Updated: Wednesday, 3 September 2008 9:36 PM CDT
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Wednesday, 13 August 2008
A Woman Can Do Anything if She's Wearing the Right SHOES!!
Mood:  incredulous everyone should know I LOVE shoes!!  There is some sort of joy I find in a new pair of shoes!  I guess I am just waiting on Cinderella's statement, "One shoe can change your life" to come true.  So I assume that if I keep buying them maybe I will run across that "one shoe". 

With that being said...I have TONS of shoes!  And they had gotten a bit out of control and taken over the floor of my closest!  To be honest, it was quite a disaster!  So last week Kambree and I took on the task of cleaning out the closets!  I had to take pictures so everyone could appreciate the amount of work that went into it!  Hope everyone is having a great summer!!!

After we matched them all up and got ready to put them on the racks!

My Main Closet!!!


My 2nd Closet in my bathroom!







Posted by courtneyconner at 12:29 PM CDT
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Tuesday, 5 August 2008
2nd Annual Shopping & Tanning Extravaganza
Mood:  bright

What a blast we had this weekend on our 2nd Annual Shopping & Tanning Extravaganza!!  Between shopping, swimming, playing with the babies, and visiting we were constantly going!!  The Hooten and Conner clan left out Thursday afternoon with our walkie talkies and headed to Abilene where we met up with Kellye and Gran!  Then carpooled on to Stephenville!  We got to Joey and Leslye's about 5:30 and had a blast!  We had supper and lots of play time!! Here are a few pics from our night in Stephenville at the Roberts house!!


           Leslye, Sis, and I had a blast playing with Abbye!


Friday morning I got to play with Abbye while I was supposed to be getting ready!  We kind of had a little photoshoot!


























 Once we got through playing I had to get ready!  So I showed her what being a girl was all about!!!















 Once Abbye and I finished playing little miss make up we all loaded up again and headed to the Big D (or Allen)! After meeting Kenna and her parents (j/k Heather) for lunch we headed to my favorite place...the Outlets! 











We literally shopped til we dropped!





















Once everyone finished shopping we met the boys at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner!  Yum-oh!  Saturday we hit up Sam Moon and back to the outlet mall for a few returns.  After we had lunch at Tin Star we headed back to Prosper to enjoy Heather's pool!!  We had a blast and even played in the kiddie pool!!

         Miss K's first Sam Moon trip!





































































While we finished up at the pool the guys went back and got supper ready (pretty awesome huh)!  After the cookout we had homemade ice cream and brownies for Gran's Birthday!  Once we finished birthday we all kinda settled down for the night!  We were all quite tired from all the excitement and needed to be rested for Church and driving!  Sunday we went to Church, had lunch and hit the road back home! 









We had such a great time!!  The rest of the pictures are just other random shots from the weekend!!



















Posted by courtneyconner at 9:49 AM CDT
Updated: Tuesday, 5 August 2008 11:51 AM CDT
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Thursday, 31 July 2008
Yippee Skippy!!
Mood:  party time!

Sooo....hooray for a little vacation!  Today was my last day at work for the week and I am so glad! I was quite busy today!  YES, I actually worked today!  It is getting to be that time of year where I am about to be swamped!  But I guess that is what I get paid for so I can't complain!  

 On to the fun stuff!  I can't wait to be in the Big D!  The outlet mall is calling my name for sure!  And I have been saving my sun bathing for the pool day!!  Yippee!!  I am so ready for the Cheesecake Factory too!  It's been soo long since I ate there!  I am still sad I don't get to go to Six Flags of Hurricane Harbor, or even a Rangers game, but I think I will survive!  I would have hated to have to give up shopping to do that!  

 Anyway, considering it is almost 1 and I still haven't packed I better do that!  Stay tuned for some fun pics from the wknd!!

Court Cool 

Posted by courtneyconner at 1:02 AM CDT
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Friday, 25 July 2008
The Plunge
Mood:  lucky

Welcome to my new BLOG!!  I know I said I would not have one, but due to high demand I took the plunge!   Even though I don't have a husband, family, or kids to talk about! haha!! Unfortunately with the blogspot that all the family uses I didn'tfeel I had enough freedom to do what I wanted to so I am making my own!  LOVE IT!  So here is my life! haha!

 I am so looking forward to our not so girls "Girls trip"!!  I am in desperate need of some good shopping!!  And can't wait for the pool time!!  Those buckets of water are just dying for us to play under them!  Good thing the mom's (Hollye, Kellye, and Andra...of course Gran Gran) are going to be there to hold the babies while we play!  BUT if you need me to sit out a game or two to hold them, I will!!  

As you may know I bought a pool for my backyard and have LOVED it!!  Everyone should come play in it sometime!  It's nice and warm!  And a great place to get a tan!!  It has been quite nice having it while I have been keeping Kambree!  I don't know who likes it more!  Kambree or me! haha!!  I am gonna lean towards me!  Other than that there is not a whole lot new in my life!!  Work is awesome as usual!!  We are about to start a busy time of year! But I can handle it!

Well I think that I am going to bring this, my first blog, to a close!  Hopefully ya'll will enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed reading others!  



Posted by courtneyconner at 10:57 AM CDT
Updated: Friday, 25 July 2008 11:00 AM CDT
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